# Monday, 23 November 2009

I just returned from the 2009 Dreamforce conference last week. Prior to the conference, a few of us on Twitter were bouncing ideas around on how to track all the after hours events and arrange for meeting people while at the conference. Additionally, I was looking for something mobile-browser friendly since carrying a netbook around wasn't going to be practical.

I built the site http://www.dfbuzz.com using Force.com Sites as an excuse to try out a new UI library and address these requirements.

In the end, Twitter ended up being the best way to get realtime information on the conference 'buzz', but I did get some feedback from people that they discovered an event on DF Buzz, or that a comment left on an event was useful in making a decision on whether or not to attend.

Thanks to all the sponsors who posted their events. I have a laundry list of enhancements to make next year. :-)

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